TTT reboot

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Trailer Trash Talk Reboot now on Random Chatter! Joe and Erik take a look a the Amazing Spider-Man trailer


TTT is back minus 1

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Greg, Derrick, and Wes will be recording a show tomorrow as Joe will be out of town. Look for it sometime next week in the feed 🙂

TTT43: 25 Greatest Directors – 04/28/09

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25GreatestDirectorsSam Raimi? Judd Apatow? Peter Jackson? Hollywoods finest or the most overrated? See what you think as we look at the Entertainment Weeklys Top 25 Active Directors. We tear through the list like so much tissue paper, which coincidentally may be the best use for it, and make cases for our own favorite filmmakers.
Download this Episode! ~23MB 49mins.

Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Greatest Active Film Directors List

TTT42: Up – 04/14/09

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UPPixar takes us UP, UP, and away! The TTT guys minus one Derrick analyze the next entry into the Pixar movie dynasty. Is UP Pixars homage to Hayao Miyazaki? Will it live UP to our expectations? Listen and find out!
Download this Episode! ~17MB 36mins.

Pixar’s UP
– Release Date:05/29/09

TTT41: Drag Me to Hell – 03/31/09

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blogentrymovieimage_03-10-0In his latest movie, Sam Raimi, the questionably creative talent behind Spiderman and Evil Dead, threatens to Drag Us to Spiderman 3, or rather Hell … really, what is the difference? It is ghastly, gory fun, as the TTT guys debate the past glories and present disgrace of Raimi, a man whose own career seems to be cursed. Download this Episode! ~19MB 41mins.

Drag Me to Hell
Drag Me to Hell TRAILER
– Release Date:05/29/09

TTT40: Public Enemies – 03/24/09

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blogentrymovieimage_03-10-0Time to Mann up. The TTT boys look at the strong, studly career of Michael Mann and his latest mucho macho movie starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. Bullets fly and blood spills as Joe, Wes, and Derrick violently gang up on Greg who, much like Dillinger, is ambushed just outside the picture show.Download this Episode! ~18MB 38mins.

Public Enemies IMDB
Public Enemies TRAILER
– Release Date:07/01/09

TTT39: Terminator Salvation, Haunting in CT, Big Man Japan – 03/16/09

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blogentrymovieimage_03-10-0The TTT guys run through the 5 emotional stages in a breakthrough therapy session. Derrick denies A Haunting in Connecticut. Wes spits fiery anger upon Terminator Salvation. Greg bargains for our loves on a Big Man from Japan. Joe feels depressed while editing through all the melodrama, which will hopefully meet with listener acceptance. Enjoy! Download this Episode! ~22MB 46mins.

Terminator Salvation TRAILER
– Release Date: 05/21/09 IMDB
Haunting in Connecticut TRAILER
– Release Date:03/27/09 IMDB
Big Man Japan TRAILER